Phylmar Highlighted Courses

These courses were written and designed by Phylmar Academy to meet specific occupational and environmental health and safety needs.  When partnering with another company, the courses meet specific requirements of our partners.

Culture of Safety Training
1 1/2 hour online course that introduces you to the Nike, Inc. Culture of Safety course required for certain employees and contractors. Learn how to build a comprehensive, responsive Safety management Program the Nike way. (Phylmar Academy)

$0.00 - $149.00

Ethics for EHS Professionals Online
In this 3-hour online course, through interactive activities using case studies and scenarios, we will examine the fundamental causes of our actions and examine the Code of Ethics for both health and safety professionals. (Phylmar Academy)

$59.00 - $79.00

Ethics for EHS Professionals Preview
This preview is the first selection of lessons and is about 10% of the entire course.


Occupational Safety and Health Awareness Overview
The purpose of this 2 1/2 - 3 hour online course to is familiarize you with occupational health and safety hazards and their control. This knowledge will help you develop the skills necessary to proactively recognize hazards and potential solutions in your workplace. You will help to minimize risks to workers from a variety of hazards and help create a healthier and happier work environment. Developed in partnership with the Occupational Hygiene Training Association.


Protect Yourself: Wildfire Smoke Employee Training
This course will help California employees subject to the Cal/OSHA Protection from Wildfire Smoke Emergency Regulation understand the health hazards of wildfire smoke and how to protect themselves from exposure.


The Basics of Workplace Safety for New Hires
This 1-hour online course will introduce new employees (and veteran employees, too) to the fundamentals of workplace safety, demonstrating the importance the company places on its safety culture (Phylmar Academy)

$49.00 - $69.00

The Basics of Workplace Safety for New Hires Preview
This preview is the first few lessons of the entire course.


What the Fog!
The purpose of this 4- to 6-hour course is to train workers on the front lines (you) with knowledge and skills so you can proactively manage atmospheric fog use in your workplace. The course comes with a companion downloadable Course Guidance Manual.


What the Fog! Preview
This is a preview of the 4- to 6-hour course, What the Fog! It contains a sampler of activities from the course.