Mission-Critical EHS Training:

Can You Afford for (fill in the blank) to Go Wrong?

Training is Not Just Ticking Off the Boxes  

Identify Your Vulnerabilities 

  • What could cause you to shut your doors today?
  • What could damage your reputation as reliable and dependable?
  • What could depress morale and worker loyalty?

Assess Your Current Training

  • Is it effective?

Create Your Own Path to Success

  • Develop customized training.

  • Build worker competence, confidence and trust.

 Share the Wealth of Knowledge: Options


Individual SponsorshipYour customized course can be accessed through your own portal on our Learning Management System with your branding, or, if you have your own LMS, you can license the course.

Partnership -- Share the Knowledge; Lower your costs

You can partner with Phylmar Academy to create and distribute a course.  Access the training for your employees and share in revenue from other participants. 

With a Partnership you can reduce your development and distribution costs dramatically.  If you bring us a viable project, with or without the content expertise necessary to develop it, and with the determination and wherewithal to market it, we can make it happen and benefit from  the proceeds.


How We Do It.

  It’s Up to You.


 Development + Distribution

 Effectiveness Study


Is Customized Online Training Right for You? Yes.

There is no downside.

  • The curriculum is designed specifically for you.
  • It is hand-crafted to ensure quality, consistency and effectiveness.
  • The courses are interactive, keeping trainees engaged, with many opportunities for knowledge checks, practice, and demonstrations of learning.
  • In a world where information can change rapidly, online courses can be immediately responsive to changes and revisions.
  • Online training is safe.  No social distancing worries here.
  • It is affordable, often costing less per trainee than even off-the-shelf courses.
  • Optional Add-Ons:

¤   Audio ¤  Video   ¤   Closed Captioning   ¤   Voiceover   ¤    Branching   ¤    Avatars   ¤    Simulation   ¤   Virtual Reality