Environmental Safety and Sustainability

While the Phylmar Group helps its clients strategize, develop, assess and/or maintain programs and initiatives that enhance each client’s ability to meet its environmental health and safety/sustainability objectives, Phylmar Academy can customize courses so that employees can participate knowledgeably in these efforts.

Safety Skills Courses
Safety Skills, our collaborative partner, lists more than 500 short online courses in their library. To access the current list, please use this link -- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DCqJ_MCYOBynaZL9a5HoVqog378n0jEGKdu_kf9BEzs/edit?usp=sharing. Please ignore the $999 price listed; it is a placeholder.  Because the registration is customized for your specific selections, we cannot list actual member prices because they vary.  In general, our registration fee is about 85% of retail.