Business Skills for Health & Safety Professionals

Occupational Safety and Health is more than the right equipment and training.  Like every other part of a business, EHS requires the knowledge and use of business skills.  And while academic programs are excellent at teaching EHS professionals the technical side of safety, the trainees are not usually taught business skills until they have worked in the field for a few years.  EHS professional, managers, and members of labor-management safety committees need business skills to be able to make the best decisions regarding the economic environment and the stakeholder community.   Budgeting, report writing, incident investigation, risk assessment, risk management and risk communication are just some of the important areas they may be called upon to know, and to know it right away.

Blog #1 - 10 Advantages of Online Training
This blog is in the form of a course to better give reader the opportunities to briefly experience how an online course works.


Culture of Safety Training
1 1/2 hour online course that introduces you to the Nike, Inc. Culture of Safety course required for certain employees and contractors. Learn how to build a comprehensive, responsive Safety management Program the Nike way. (Phylmar Academy)

$0.00 - $149.00

Ethics for EHS Professionals Online
In this 3-hour online course, through interactive activities using case studies and scenarios, we will examine the fundamental causes of our actions and examine the Code of Ethics for both health and safety professionals. (Phylmar Academy)

$59.00 - $79.00

Safety Skills Courses
Safety Skills, our collaborative partner, lists more than 500 short online courses in their library. To access the current list, please use this link -- Please ignore the $999 price listed; it is a placeholder.  Because the registration is customized for your specific selections, we cannot list actual member prices because they vary.  In general, our registration fee is about 85% of retail.