What the Fog!


The purpose of this 4- to 6-hour course is to train workers on the front lines (you) with knowledge and skills so you can proactively manage atmospheric fog use in your workplace. Through your actions, you will help to minimize worker exposures to atmospheric fog, keep in compliance with regulations, and ultimately create a healthier and happier work environment for you and your colleagues.  The course comes with a companion downloadable Course Guidance Manual. (This course was developed in collaboration with Aura Health and Safety Corp.)

Getting From Here to There

After completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe what atmospheric fog is and list the major components of fog.
  • Describe the purposes and ways atmospheric fog is used in productions.
  • Describe the health effects associated with exposure to atmospheric fog use.
  • Identify the main regulatory bodies for atmospheric fog and various exposure limits for fog components.
  • Describe the two main ways atmospheric fog is compared to exposure limits.
  • Describe the two main methods for measuring atmospheric fog.
  • Describe factors that affect fog exposure.
  • Describe how calibration factors are created, what they signify, and how they are used with direct-reading instruments.
  • Create a sampling strategy for measuring atmospheric fog based on the sampling goal.
  • Operate the DustTrak, including set up, monitoring, and downloading of data.
  • Operate the pDR 1000-AN Aerosol Monitor, including set up, monitoring, and downloading of data.
  • Analyze data collected from direct-reading instruments and calculate time-weighted average atmospheric fog concentrations.
  • Calculate target fog concentrations that will result in compliance with regulations.
  • Describe the main control measures available to reduce atmospheric fog exposures to workers.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for anyone who will be an active participant in championing the safe use of atmospheric fog: Special Effects Technicians, Supervisors, Safety Personnel, Industrial Hygiene Professionals, or anyone else who may monitor atmospheric fog in the workplace.

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“The Phylmar online fog monitoring training was convenient and comprehensive enabling our staff to monitor fog levels in real time.  Implementing this training helps us avoid exposing our crew and talent to excessive fog levels and maintain regulatory compliance.”  Kevin Drozdowski,  Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, AMC Networks Inc.

The course certificate of completion acknowledges completion of a specific course; it does not certify the participant to perform any particular work or task.

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