Culture of Safety Training

Developing a culture of safety saves lives, time and money.  Top companies know this and are willing to share their culture of safety strategies.

When organizations value safety as much as company profit, workers feel respected and appreciated. When workers think of themselves as an important part of the organization’s safety program, everyone is safer.

Nike Inc. prides itself on its Culture of Safety.  To help suppliers and 3rd party consultants understand and uphold its Culture of Safety Maturity Model and Assessment, Nike offers a 1 1/2-hour online course regarding Culture of Safety. You can take advantage of this same training.

Learn about the operational ecosystem - Leadership, People, Process; the principles of an effective Safety Management System; the Roadmap to Culture of Safety Maturity, and the Metrics to be able to evaluate your program.

Who Should Attend?

Business Owners, Managers and Supervisors; Occupational safety and Health Professionals, Human Resources Managers and staff: Contractors and Subcontractors