The Remote Work Survival Guide


This 30-45 minute online course can help you to set time management goals and boundaries when you are working from home, set up your workspace to help prevent injuries, and identify actions you can take to be productive while avoiding burnout.

Even before COVID-19, businesses were using tools that allowed some employees to work remotely, for example, using Skype or Zoom for teleconferences.  The social distancing requirements of COVID-19 accelerated the process, making teleconferences de rigeur, and finding ways for business people, managers and employees to conduct business from home.  Having found remote work not only viable, but in many cases preferable, home offices are here to stay.  Yet they have their challenges as well, including isolation, distractions, and inadequate workspace, among others, which can lead to mental health issues, mususkletal disorders and less than optimal productivity. 

There are solutions, and they need not be costly.  This course describes a variety of ways to overcome the challenges of remote work.

Getting From Here to There

Training includes:

  • Creating a Designated Workspace
  • Home Office Ergonomics
  • Designing a Schedule and Routine
  • Developing Self-Discipline
  • Practicing Self-Care


1 - 2 seats - $29 per seat

3-10 seats - $25 per seat

11-50 seats - $19 per seat

Bulk pricing and licensing are available.  Please contact

Who Should Attend

Business people, independent contractors, and employees who work from home.  Companies with a number of employees working remotely should consider assigning the course to all of them to promote productivity and the well-being of the workers.

single seat $19.00