PREVIEW -- The Basics of Workplace Safety for New Hires

This preview is the first few lessons of the entire course.  It represents about 10% of the course.


This 1-hour online course will introduce new employees (and veteran employees, too) to the fundamentals of workplace safety, demonstrating the importance the company places on its safety culture.  The course is designed to cover the basic hazards and precautions that most workers need to be aware of. 

                Through this course companies can ensure that new workers are aware that the company values their safety and the safety of their co-workers and gives them the tools to be part of the solution.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Describe the hierarchy of controls
  • Explain the important of near misses
  • List 5 workplace hazards
  • Put in earplugs and take off disposable gloves correctly

Getting From Here to There:

This course helps new employees and all others who have not had basic safety training to be able to identiify workplace health and safety hazards so they can apply best practices to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.

Who Should Attend:

New employees, Employees who have not had basic safety training, Supervisors, Human Resources staff, Union representatives


  • Who is Looking After Your Safety
  • Culture of Safety
  • Near Misses
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Health and Safety Committees
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Chemical Safety
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Work-Related Noise
  • Machine Injury

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