PPE - Body, Hands, Feet

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This module trains how to choose the right body, hands, and feet protection to help prevent injuries in the workplace. Learners explore various use cases for each type of PPE, when to select one type over another, and the importance of proper inspection before use.

Additional topics include which PPE to use to prevent and deal with thermal and chemical burns, vibration hazards, and temperature extremes.

An interactive simulation tasks the learner with inspecting PPE before the workday begins. Checking for defects and selecting the proper Body, Hands, and Feet PPE required for the work being described

  • Standards: OSHA Standard:
    OSHA Standard: OSHA Standard: 1910.132, .120, .136, Subpart I and industry best practices
  • Contact Hours: 20  minutes
  • Accreditation Agency:  Phylmar Academy, a division of The Phylmar Group, Inc.
  • Includes VR/Simulation, 2D Video

Who Will Benefit from This Course?

Supervisors and managers, union and worker health and safety representatives, and anyone who is interested in workplace health and safety.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify types of PPE for the body, hands, and feet and the hazards that they provide protection for;
  • Demonstrate how to select the correct PPE;
  • Demonstrate best practices for proper care and maintenance of PPE.

Topics Include

  • Employer and Employee Requirements
  • Types of PPE (For Body, Hands, Feet) Hazards, and Appropriate Protection Control Methods
  • Importance of Proper PPE Inspection
  • Interactive Experience


  • 1 - 50 seats - $20.99 per seat
  • 51-100 seats - $17.84 per seat
  • 101-250 seats - $15.74 per seat

For additional bulk pricing, bundle pricing and licensing the course for, please contact info@phylmar.com for additional discounts.

The course certificate of completion acknowledges completion of a specific course; it does not certify the participant to perform any particular work or task.

1-50 seats $20.99

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