PPE - Hazardous Environments

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazardous Environments illustrates how to evaluate the work environment and associated hazards, as well as how to identify and select the proper PPE to protect against hazardous chemical environments. The training identifies the correct PPE requirements for Protection Levels A, B, C, and D depending on the hazards, environment, and needs.

Additional topics include immediately dangerous to life and health environments, and the associated routes of potential exposure to hazardous materials.

A 360 video instructs how to inspect chemical protective, non-encapsulating suites for PPE Level B, and Level C. Additional topics address how to choose which type of PPE to use, and how to identify common points of penetration.

  • Standards: OSHA Standard:
    OSHA Standard: 1926.65, 1910.120, Subpart H, and industry best practices.
  • Contact Hours: 20  minutes
  • Accreditation Agency:  Phylmar Academy, a division of The Phylmar Group, Inc.
  • Includes VR/Simulation

Who Will Benefit from This Course?

Supervisors and managers, union and worker health and safety representatives, and anyone who is interested in workplace health and safety, particularly in construction.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify different types and levels of PPE for hazardous environments;
  • Identify routes of exposure to hazardous materials;
  • Develop an understanding of hazardous and immediately dangerous to life and health environments.

Topics Include

  • Employer and Employee Requirements
  • Aspects of Hazardous Environments That Must Be Evaluated
  • Types of Hazardous Environment PPE Levels
  • Interactive Video


  • 1 - 50 seats - $20.99 per seat
  • 51-100 seats - $17.84 per seat
  • 101-250 seats - $15.74 per seat

For additional bulk pricing, bundle pricing and licensing the course for, please contact info@phylmar.com for additional discounts.

The course certificate of completion acknowledges completion of a specific course; it does not certify the participant to perform any particular work or task.

1-50 seats $20.99

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