OSHA 30-Hour Training for Construction

This 30-Hour online OSHA-Authorized Construction Training is offered by the American Safety Council in cooperation with USF Health (American Safety Council/USF Health).
Receive a Department of Labor 30-hour card upon completion.

  1. 100% online. Students can log in and out on their own schedule as often as they need and have 180 days to finish the course. Courses are mobile-compatible, so students can use tablets and mobile devices for convenience. 
  2. OSHA-Authorized. Employees will receive a Department of Labor 10-hour card upon completion.
  3. High-quality training. These programs are offered by a leading academic institution of higher learning that is dedicated to safety training. It ensures our OSHA-authorized courses are the most effective, most engaging and most current and accurate to protect businesses and employees.
  4. Engaging and interactive. Our course uses advanced animation, engaging interactions and well-structured evaluations to ensure comprehension of this lifesaving information. 
  5. Online training can be 70-90% less expensive than traditional methods. When you consider the cost of space, trainer fees, mileage and per diem, and the loss of employee productivity from being off the job site for 2-4 days, the savings can become staggering.


To take advantage of the Member Bulk Discount ($143.00 each) you must be both a Phylmar Academy Member (membership is purchased separately) and you must register at least 10 trainees.

  • Registration of fewer than 10 people for this course does not happen on this website; the listed price of $999 is a placeholder.  The retail cost of this course is $179.00.   To register fewer than 10 trainees for this course, please go to https://www.usfosha.com/?lgr=6d0a7d45-b54e-411b-88de-e26beb808d49.
  • If you are not yet a Phylmar Academy Member, you may become a member at  http://phylmar.learningcart.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductID=220
  • If you are a Phylmar Academy Member and would like to take advantage of bulk Academy Member discounts for American Safety Council courses (10 or more trainees per course), please continue your registration on this site.  When you purchase 10 or more seats, the price will change to $143.00 each.